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(Titles are for identification purposes only)
"I have been Washington-Mid Atlantic National Board Member for over 12 years and I’ve never been as excited to endorse a slate as I am now. Kathryn Klvana, as our President, will lead us with diplomacy and experience; Tracee Wilkins, as VP, is vice chair of the National Broadcast Steering Committee and will be a strong leader here; and Keith Flippen, a near 30-year Union actor, brings his real-world knowledge to the table. Lance Lewman, who has been my alternate for many National Board meetings, knows the people and the workings of the board room and is crucial now to continuing the work and representing the WMA local. Respected NPR broadcaster, Jack Speer, is a must for National Board Member-Broadcaster. This group of savvy, dedicated and talented members are devoted to promoting WMA here and in the national board room. They know our Local’s unique character and are prepared to represent it well. They are Union Strong! That means: THEY ARE US! Please vote for the team and help take WMA forward." - Susan Snyder, current National Board Member for Washington-MidAtlantic.


Union Strong WMA supports the following members running for Local Board seats and/or *delegate.

Actor Performer Broadcaster

Keith Flippen *

Lee Armstrong

Dawn Douglas * Brandon Benavides *

Ilona Dulaski * Linda Carducci *

Lynn-Jane Foreman Chuck Carroll

Jack Jenkins * J J Green

Charles Lipper * John Henrahan *

Gabe Kornbluh * Tony Knapp *

Tom Moore * Bruce Leshan *

Gale Nemec Maggie Linton *

Martha Newman Rob Schaefer *

Elisabeth Noone *

Susan Snyder *

Ellie Wang *

Melissa Leebaert *

Nicole Hakim Yohn *

Unite for strength

For our national election, we STRONGLY endorse the Unite For Strength team of Fran Drescher for SAG-AFTRA President and Anthony Rapp for Secretary –Treasurer. www.uniteforstrength.com They will continue the great progress we have made under the leadership of Gabrielle Carteris and Camryn Manheim.